AUG.26 2015 on Sale! “Blow the Earth in Japan 2009”

I started to play “Blow the Earth in Japan” in summer of 2007.
I wanted to play in the changing of four seasons of Japanese island
for 3 rounds.
This is the second year.
Kamigamo Shinto Shrine ,Kyoto in Winter.
Kurushima Straits,Setonaikai Inland Sea in Spring.
Iheyajima,Okinawa in Summer.
Aso mountain,Kyushu in Autumn.
My trumpet sound is different compered to play in World Nature.

Toshinori Kondo

1 祝詞 Norito
2 気配 Kehai
3 冬雨 Winter Rain
4 雷神 Thunder God
5 瀬戸内 BLUE Setouchi Blue
6 能島水軍太鼓 Noshima Suigun Daiko
7 渦潮 Whirling Waves
8 初光 The First Light
9 つらね Tsurane
10 日食 Eclipse
11 雲海 A Sea of Clouds
12 湧水 Fountain
13 蘇陽峡 Soyoukyo

Winter 1-4 Kamo-wake-ikazuchi-Jinja Feb.21,22 2009
Spring 5-7 The Kurushima Channel May.7-10 2009
Summer 8-10 Iheya island July.22 2009
Autumn 11-13 Mt.Aso Nov.23-27 2009

Mixed at Kondo Sound Body Studio
Filed by Kazunori Takiguchi

wav file, 48KHz, 16bit, Stereo. Total time 1:02:39.
File Size: 685.2MB