Toshinori Kondo is a trumpeter.

He is a Japanese electric trumpeter who is highly acclaimed not only in Japan but also in Europe and the United States. He has been playing all over the world with musicians of various nationalities who all have strong personalities. He has been involved in a great number of concerts and recordings with Bill Laswell(b), John Zorn(sax), Derek Bailey(g], Herbie Hancock(key), Peter Brotzmann(saxophone), DJ-KRUSH, Yoshihide Otomo(gr,turntable), Tabito Nanao(vo), Michiyo Yagi(koto) and Eishiba(a kouta singer-a Japanese ballad singer accompanied on the samisen), to name but a few.

Toshinori Kondo has still continued to search for the new resonance of the performance and development for the electric trumpet.

Dec.15, 1948
Born in 1948 in Imabari City in Ehime Prefecture in Japan

April, 1961
Begun to play a trumpet in a junior high school brass band part in the extracurricular activities

April, 1967
Entered the faculty of technology, Kyoto University.

March 1972
Graduated from the department of literature, Kyoto University. Moved from Kyoto to Tokyo and Concentrated for Free Jazz

Begun to practice Shintaido

September 1978
Moved to New York and started to join a world tour as International Band

United the Japanese Band “KONDO・IMA” from Tokyo to the world and the overseas toured every year.

Around 1990
Acted in the several commercials as Shiseido “Auslese”, JCB Card and Asahi Breweries, Ltd. “Super Dry”. Appearanced Regular program in TV, wrote serial articles for magazines like “Asahi Weekly” and had a lot of exposure in the media.

November 1993

Stopped all of his activities and his basement of music was moved to Amsterdam and started a project called “Blow the Earth”.

Produced “Mt. Fuji Aid”

June 2001

Produced an international peace festival “The World Festival of Sacred Music 2001” of Itsukushima Shrine at Miyajima in Hiroshima
The “Yoshiwara” featuring Eishiba, the authority of a short love song with Toshinori Kondo was awarded Kikaku-sho (Best Project) at the 45th Japan Record Award.

Started a project called the “PIKADON project” with Seitaro Kuroda, Nobuyoshi Araki, Tadao Ando, addressing the 60th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

2007 summer ~2011 autumn

“Blow the earth in Japan” in several places


Started having a lecture as the visiting professor in Tokyo Keizai University

Basement of music moved to Japan, after the activities for 18 years in Amsterdam

March 11th, 2012
Performed as a dedication performance at
Memorial Service for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake deceased first ceremony for their death with Buddhist service in the Daibutsu-den Hall of Todai-ji Temple.

September 2012
Took charge of Music in the event “Hello, China!” by Kansai Yamamoto in n Beijing

March 2013

The Film “Blow the earth in Japan” was completed.