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13–14 May,2017 Toshinori Kondo with THE VAGRANCY ENSEMBLE plus Solo at St. Helena

13–14 May,2017 Toshinori Kondo with THE VAGRANCY ENSEMBLE plus Solo

Samstag | 13. Mai 2017 | 20:00
Sonntag | 14. Mai 2017 | 20:00
Dialograum Kreuzung an St. Helena

In Situ Art Society präsentiert Comment Dire
Kuratiert von Georges Paul

+ TOSHINORI KONDO solo “Blow The Earth”

Toshinori Kondo (JP) – Trompete, Elektronik
Till Kuenkler (DE) – Posaune
Matthias Schüller (DE) – Posaune
Ursel Quint (DE) – Live Coding, Elektronik
Rie Watanabe (JP/DE) – Vibraphon, Schlagwerk
Kuno Wagner (DE) – Schlagzeug
Karl F. Degenhardt (DE) – Schlagzeug
Caleb Salgado (US/DE) – Kontrabass
Georges Paul (GR/DE) – Saxophone, Kontrabas

Dialograum Kreuzung an St. Helena
Bornheimer Straße 130, 53119 Bonn-Nordstadt

Eintritt: €15 | €9 ermäßigt
(für Mitglieder der In Situ Art Society: € 10 | € 6 ermäßigt)

Kartenreservierung: tickets@in-situ-art-society.de | Tel.: 0174 / 1839210


5–6 May,2017″Brötzmann plus…”at Haus der Kunst


“Brötzmann plus …”
Peter Brötzmann – woodwind instruments
Toshinori Kondo – digital trumpet;
Joe McPhee – trumpet and saxophone;
Heather Leigh – steel guitar;
Marino Pliakas – bass;
Alexander von Schlippenbach – piano;
Michael Wertmüller – drums;
Han Bennink – drums

Friday, May 5, 8 – 11pm (with break) / doors open at 7:30 pm
Saturday, May 6, 7 – 11pm (with break) / doors open at 6:30 pm

Friday 15 Euro / Saturday 15 Euro
Combined ticket for both days 25 Euro

Haus der Kunst
Prinzregentenstraße 1
80538 Munich


Blow the Earth in Naraha-cho

“Blow the Earth in Naraha-cho” by Toshinori Kondo was held in Naraha-cho, Fukushima Prefecture on March 11th, 2017.

Naraha-cho is a town located in Futaba-gun, Fukushima Prefecture. This town is hold by Mother Nature but also has faced on the big problem.

Naraha-cho was suffered from the serious damage as a result of the earthquake of March 11th, 2011 and also the subsequent tsunami. The whole area of the town fell to the exclusion zone of 20 km around the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. The town was completely evacuated by the order of the town.

The evacuation order was completely lifted on 4th September 2015. Restoration efforts by citizens of the victims’ towns caused by the earthquake itself began in 2016.

Mr. Kondo played for those who are still facing on the conflict and also for human beings.

Kondo has continued to concentrate on music alone in the nature. But that was the moment the sound of Kondo was truly connected to the people.

“Blow the Earth in Naraha-cho” by Toshinori Kondo brings you such a great time. Please check it out the live performance of Kondo.

His journey has still goes on.

Feb.2017 Toshinori Kondo in Switzerland and Germany

Toshinori Kondo will have gigs in Switzerland and Germany! Come and see Kondo!


Kirchenpauerkai 26, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

Tonhalle Hannover

Toshinori Kondo

Sonic Mountains – Swiss Noise & Sound Culture
Superterz feat. Toshinori Kondo (CH/J) / Stalker (CH)
WHERE: Dampfzentrale Bern
Sonic Mountains


Dec.8 2016 ON SALE! “Live at Hot Buttered Club”


This is the live recordings of this year 2016 April 16 in Tokyo.
As you know I have been making the tracks by my way for long time.
I selected the tracks for this gig with the imagination of a love story in the night of Tokyo.
I hope you can enjoy this music and 12 albums of TKRecordings.

↓Buy here↓

Live at Hot Buttered Club

1.Night Walk
2.Strange Shadow
3.On the Kinky Street
4.Into the Dark Side
5.She was There ~ Heart City~
6.Mystic Mood
7.Clear EmotionAs
8.We Feel
9.Vanishing Point

Toshinori Kondo ( electric trumpet, tracks )
DJ Yama aka Sahib ( turntable )
Takumi Moriya ( bass )

recorded at Hot Buttered Club Tokyo on 16th April 2016
recorded by Susumu Numata
jacket designed by Naotaka Katayama

wav file, 48KHz, 16bit, Stereo. Total time 48:42

MAY.20 2016 ON SALE! “The Peacock’s Tale”

Dashmesh Khalsaさんのアルバム“The Peacock’s Tale”の1曲です。
Toshinori Kondo contributed to “The Peacock’s Tale”by Dashmesh Khalsa.
“The Peacock’s Tale”より“Heartfire”

Dashmesh Khalsa (Electronics, Didgeridoo, Udu),
Byron Metcalf (Frame Drums),
Toshinori Kondo (Trumpet)

続きを読む MAY.20 2016 ON SALE! “The Peacock’s Tale”


TKRecordings is here!

This recording was done through Internet.We haven’t met ,but
we worked together in virtual space.21st century’s music would be created in the virtual street.It’s a big fun to exchange the imagination through internet.
I will see Barton Rage at Shopin airport on March 5th in the first time.

Toshinori Kondo

Toshinori Kondo is considered to be the second Miles Davis generation. His musicianship brought trumpet playing to yet another level. All of a sudden a single trumpet sounds like a whole orchestra, and that in in the nature setting, as his signature series of ‘Blow the Earth’ bare witness. He’s the first musician I hear say that it is finally the time for us, the new generation of musicians to make music of this century. All that has been done in the past century, has been done, and it’s no need to repeat it endlessly. Isn’t that what Miles Davis did with his sound experimentations? He did it, new things evolved, we progressed into new genres of music that progressed to be the new standards of todays music. I especially liked Toshinoris comment in an email, that we should change my first sketch of our album cover to look like this century, because this one looks like old European covers, and we need something new! And here I thought I made something new…

Barton Rage


Barton Rage (born on Dec. 8, 1982) is a Polish-born, American raised multi-instrumentalist, composer/arranger and a producer. His music is a mixture of different genres blending into an unconventional harmonic, melodic and rhythmic development. His composing methods focus on intuitive approach to sound and dynamics in music as a whole, aiming at a self existing sound esthetic. Rage’s music can be characterized as sounds and melodic noises of not clearly distinguishable electroacoustic instruments constantly mutating in and out of harmonic and dis-harmonic extremes.


1.Reminder of another world
2.Path beyond the crest
3.Along the edge of a sword
4.Perish the thought
5.Keeper of luminous gateways
6.Rise beyond hyperreality
7.I as a blackhole

Toshinori Kondo – Trumpet, Effects
Barton Rage – Guitar Synth, Sampling, Mixing, Mastering, Cover Art

TKRecordings is here!

wav file, 48KHz, 16bit, Stereo. Total time 55:12.
File Size: 537.1MB

Realm Series

‘Realm Series’ are a Barton Rage signature concept series of albums aiming at creating the music of tomorrow with the use of newest technologies in music production and unconventional instrumental approach. The artists participating in this project come from different places around the globe and music orientation. Their exceptional abilities are put in the spotlight to show the essence of their sound Universe.

5 Nights with Peter Brötzmann – 75th Birthday Anniversary Mar.6 -Mar.10 2016

Kondo will have a performance in Europe!
Come and see him! Enjoy his sound!!

5 Nights with Peter Brötzmann – 75th Birthday Anniversary

Mar.6 2016-Mar.10 2016
Pardon, To Tu.
Plac Grzybowski 12/16, 00-104 Warszawa

Peter Brötzmann – tenor / alto saxophone, clarinet-b, Tárogató
Alexander von Schlippenbach – piano
Han Bennink – drums
Heather Leigh – slide guitar
Jason Adasiewicz – vibraphone
John Edwards – bass
Steve Noble – drums
Toshinori Kondo – trumpet

▶ Bilety:
Niedziela, 06.03.2016 – tba
Poniedziałek, 07.03.2016 – 50 PLN
Wtorek, 08.03.2016 – 50 PLN
Sroda, 09.03.2016 – 50 PLN
Czwartek, 10.03.2016 – 80 PLN

Karnet 5-Dniowy (Limitowana liczba) – 200 PLN



TKRecordings No.10, “Blow the Earth in Japan 2011″ is released !!!
I am very sorry it’s so delayed.
In the year of Touhoku Huge Earthquake,2011,I moved to play in the 4 seasons of Japanese Islands.
Winter. Noto , Hokuriku
Spring. Mt.Fuji , Touhoku
Summer. Ashizuri Cape , Shimanto River , Mt. Ishizuchi
Autumn. Rishiri Island , Mashu Lake , Kussharo Lake
Playing in the nature,with the nature,for the nature,
“Blow the Earth in Japan 2011″ will send you the Vib. of Japanese 4
Please enjoy it !!!

Toshinori Kondo

Blow the Earth in Japan 2011

震 動
Shin Dou

1.Mt. Fuji at dawn
2.Oirasekeiryu of Fresh green
3.Tsunami on Kirikiri coas
4.Cherry Blossom in Miyako
5.The Black Current at Ashizuri Cape
6.Rice Terrace
7.Shimanto River in the Summer
8.Sunset at Mt. Ishizuchi
9.Sunset at Rishiri Island
10.Mt. Rishiri of Volcano
11.Autumn Evening at Kussharo Lake
12.Tedori Valley in the Snow
13.The Sea of Noto
14.A Whisper of Mt. Hakusan

All composed, played & recorded by Toshinori Kondo
Mastering by Kazunori Takiguchi

Special Thanks to The North Face,(株)タニーパック、(株)オムロン、(株)シーボン、惠利幸二

wav file, 48KHz, 16bit, Stereo. Total time 1:17:56.
File Size: 839.4MB