DEC.13 2014 on Sale! “The War Fairy Tales” Sound Tracks

12stories of “The War Fairy Tails” were telecasted on NHK-BS every summer between 1995 and 1999.
They were written by Akiyuki Nosaka. Teru Sato directed Seitaro Kuroda’s great paintings in poetical way.I did the music.
The 2 stories,”My air-raid shelter”and “A tree of sweets in the debris” were telecasted in 1999 .This album is the sound tracks of these 2 stories.9 year’s boys shout “We kids can not understand why adults make the war”.
This album is a Christmas present from me.
If Jesus were here what does he say to the people who make the war ?

Toshinori Kondo

“The War Fairy Tales” Sound Tracks

1. Eine Kleine nacht Musik
2. A Night of Incendiary bombs
3. Father dug a Hole
4. Father’s Blues
5. The Debris
6. A Tree of Sweets
7. A Tree of Dream
8. Thunder Head Cloud
9. Trumpet at Sunset
10.At Dawn
11.Pray of Hope

Recorded in Amsterdam and Kawasaki in 1999.
All the songs were composed by Toshinori Kondo,exept No.1 by Mozart
Words of No.4 & No.8 were written by Kiyoshi Nakahata,No.7 by T.Kondo
Vocal ; No.3 Shigeru Nakano No.6 Kids of Nakanoshima No.7 T. Kondo
Tracks ; No.6&7 by Ubadama, The others by Channel K
Electric Trumpet Toshinori Kondo