JAN.15 2015 on Sale! “Blow the Earth in Israel ”

Now I start to release the sounds of “Blow the Earth” on Toshinori Kondo Recordings.
The music of 20th century fell into human centric.It became only a tool of human communication.I wanted to blow trumpet in the Nature to let musical imagination free into the different dimension.
From artificial cities to Creator’s nature.
I wanted to start “Blow the Earth” in Negev desert where is navel of the Earth,the crossing point of Europe,Asia and Africa.
The lucky thing happened.NHK,Japanese national broadcast asked me,“Where do you wanna go to make our TV program which is called Wagakokoronotabi?” I immediately answered,”Israel”.
In the early morning of December 1993 I improvised electric trumpet in Negev desert.It was the opening of 18 year’s journey “Blow the Earth” to seek the sounds to resonate with Nature which is the source of all the lives.
I am happy to release “Blow the Earth in Israel”after 21 years.
Please enjoy “Blow the Earth in Israel”.

Toshinori Kondo

“Blow the Earth in Israel”

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1.Negev Desert part 1
2.Negev Desert part 2
3.Negev Desert part 3
4.Negev Desert part 4
5.Kyoushu in Negev Desert
6.A Melody by Lake Galilee
7.Doom Stone at Bedouin tent
8.Conversation with Tomer Ron on the phone
9.Live in Jersalem
10.Cosmic Vib.
11.Space Temple

Recorded in December 1993
Recorded by Eiji Mori
#10 were recorded in Amsterdam in July 1994
Recorded by Shuichi Ikebuchi
Mixed at Kondo Soundbody studio in Kawasaki,January 2015
Edited & filed by Kazunori Takiguchi
Special thanks for NHK Enterprise,NHKBS,Documentary Japan
& Tomer Ron

wav file, 48KHz, 16bit, Stereo. Total time 50:46