MAR.3 2015 on Sale! “Blow the Earth in Andes part I ”

Andes is the place where people live in the highest land of the world.
Andes is the place where people live with Nature pray to Nature.
Andes white snow chain mountains, clear air streams.
From Negev desert to Andes mountain.
From the navel of the Earth to the spain of South America.


I went toward to the sacred festival of Koyorlite with NHKTV crew.
More than 30000 Indios gather by foot from a few hundred
km’s away.The basin no one usually lives except one church is filled
by so many tents.
They play music with keena,drums , brass Instruments and dance for three days and nights.Hundreds of the village bands play by their own way.But only one song called Wair means Wind.
Kaos of sounds is resonate in the basin.Like in the belly of mother.
I started to play electric trumpet in the festival.Indios made the circle to listen to my playing.The flying spirit from Negev desert vibrates with the energy of Koyorlite.
Time becomes Space.Space becomes resonate.Resonance ascends to nowhere.
Just play,just dance with the eternal feeling of Andes .

Mt.Ausangate looks down the festival.Indios pray for Jesus and Mt.Ausangate.She is the holly mountain for them.She is covered by shiny glacier.I wanted to clime to the glacier with TV crew.
We came here without training period for fitting to thin air.I played to Mt.Ausangate with pocket trumpet on 5000m high.Give me more oxision!
Glacier was huge.I improvise in glacier with glacier.
“Why am I here? Because of past life’s karma or sacrifice for next life??
How resonant each other, microcosmos and macrocosmos?”
It is how foolish to play on 5400m high.

I met one guy who plays keena made by human bone.

On the way to Koyorlite we slept one night in the primary school on 4200m high.When we woke up the students were studying with sitting down on the glass.I wanted to play for them and with them.What a soft and sublime vib. Andes has ! Cibinakocha connects to spiritual sky.

We came back to Lima after more than 2 weeks’ wondering on 4000m high.
The city was full of artificial noise.I played 2 songs on the roof of an old building in the market.
Next is Machupichu ………。The 2nd version of Blow the Earth in Andes will be in Machupichu,Qutinbo and Chichikaka Lake.

“Blow the Earth in Andes” was telecasted on NHK BS in 1994.
I thank to NHK,Documentary Japan and Andes folks.

Blow the Earth in Andes part I

1.A Song in the restaurant at Chankai coast
2.El condor pasa
3.To Mt.Ausangate on 5000m high
4.Talk 1
5.With the Glacier on Mt.Ausangate
6.Talk 2
7.Looking down upon Koyorlite Festival
8.Improvisation in the night of Koyorlite Festival
9.Improvisation in the mourning of Koyorlite Festival
10.With Kena made by human bone on the hill of Cusco
11.For the children on 4200m high at Cibinacocha
12.Full Moon in Lima

recorded in Andes mountain and Lima on May to June 1994
recorded by Yuji Mori

“Blow the Earth in Andes” was telecasted on NHK BS in 1994

Total time 57:43