MAY.20 2016 ON SALE! “The Peacock’s Tale”

Dashmesh Khalsaさんのアルバム“The Peacock’s Tale”の1曲です。
Toshinori Kondo contributed to “The Peacock’s Tale”by Dashmesh Khalsa.
“The Peacock’s Tale”より“Heartfire”

Dashmesh Khalsa (Electronics, Didgeridoo, Udu),
Byron Metcalf (Frame Drums),
Toshinori Kondo (Trumpet)

Dashmesh Khalsa ダッシュメッシュ・カルサ

He is a musician, producer, sound healer, and naturalistic philosopher who has worked with internationally renowned artists such as grammy award winning producer Bill Laswell, Steve Roach, and Byron Metcalf. Dash’s driving philosophy is to transcend static notions of divisions, genres, and styles to bridge the difference between cultures.