NOV.11 2014 on Sale! “Space Pilgrimage ”

I returned to the human society after 18 year’s Earth Pilgrimage,”Blow the Earth”.I started to make the music for being resonant with people’s soul after the music to be resonant with Nature.”Space Pilgrimage”is the one of them.This is the new recording of 2013&2014.I believe the creative& imaginative power of human being is limitless.The Earth herself is on a Pilgrimage of the Space at this moment.Our lives which ride and play on the small planet are also on “Space Pilgrimage” now.-Toshinori Kondo-

Space Pilgrimage
1.where to go
2.where is here?
3.walk in the darkness
4.moon light
5.night dances
6.a being shows
7.white road
8.alone,but with you
10.and night is over

Recorded at Kondo Soundbody Lab. Studio in 2013 & 2014
Tracks & Played by T.Kondo
Assistant selector DJ Metal

wav file, 48KHz, 16bit, Stereo. Total time 59:18.
File Size: 591.3MB