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This recording was done through Internet.We haven’t met ,but
we worked together in virtual space.21st century’s music would be created in the virtual street.It’s a big fun to exchange the imagination through internet.
I will see Barton Rage at Shopin airport on March 5th in the first time.

Toshinori Kondo

Toshinori Kondo is considered to be the second Miles Davis generation. His musicianship brought trumpet playing to yet another level. All of a sudden a single trumpet sounds like a whole orchestra, and that in in the nature setting, as his signature series of ‘Blow the Earth’ bare witness. He’s the first musician I hear say that it is finally the time for us, the new generation of musicians to make music of this century. All that has been done in the past century, has been done, and it’s no need to repeat it endlessly. Isn’t that what Miles Davis did with his sound experimentations? He did it, new things evolved, we progressed into new genres of music that progressed to be the new standards of todays music. I especially liked Toshinoris comment in an email, that we should change my first sketch of our album cover to look like this century, because this one looks like old European covers, and we need something new! And here I thought I made something new…

Barton Rage


Barton Rage (born on Dec. 8, 1982) is a Polish-born, American raised multi-instrumentalist, composer/arranger and a producer. His music is a mixture of different genres blending into an unconventional harmonic, melodic and rhythmic development. His composing methods focus on intuitive approach to sound and dynamics in music as a whole, aiming at a self existing sound esthetic. Rage’s music can be characterized as sounds and melodic noises of not clearly distinguishable electroacoustic instruments constantly mutating in and out of harmonic and dis-harmonic extremes.


1.Reminder of another world
2.Path beyond the crest
3.Along the edge of a sword
4.Perish the thought
5.Keeper of luminous gateways
6.Rise beyond hyperreality
7.I as a blackhole

Toshinori Kondo – Trumpet, Effects
Barton Rage – Guitar Synth, Sampling, Mixing, Mastering, Cover Art

TKRecordings is here!

wav file, 48KHz, 16bit, Stereo. Total time 55:12.
File Size: 537.1MB

Realm Series

‘Realm Series’ are a Barton Rage signature concept series of albums aiming at creating the music of tomorrow with the use of newest technologies in music production and unconventional instrumental approach. The artists participating in this project come from different places around the globe and music orientation. Their exceptional abilities are put in the spotlight to show the essence of their sound Universe.