TKRECORDINGS First shot 2018

アルバム12枚連続 リリース!

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KONDO・IMA Selection

1.China Demonstration
2.Fly Jack
3.Tokyo Girl
4.Ice City
5.Banana Plantation
6.Kimatta Oretachi
7.Fire makes Darkness
8.Metal Bind
9.Marginal Moon
10.Space Radio
11.Space Killer

Toshinori Kondo (Electric Trumpet & Vocal)
Taizo Sakai (Electric Guitar)
Haruo Togashi (Keyboad)
Reck (Electric Bass)
Hideo Yamaki (Drums)

selected by DJ Sahib a.k.a. Yama
from CD “Human Market”, ”Tokyo Rose”, ”Brain War”, ”Red City Smoke”
recorded in 1987~1992
All songs were composed by Toshinori Kondo
except Banana Plantation by T.Kondo & H.Yamaki

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Blue in Amsterdam

1.Where am I ?
2.Crack of the Sky
3.Central Station to Dam Square
4.Free Mumbling
5.Playing here Alone
6.Shadow of Spirit
7.Spirit Flies
8.Stillness is my dear friend

All the trax were made by Channel K in Amsterdam, 2004
Electric trumpet was played in Noborito, Kawasaki-city, 2018

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Tsunami Aquarium in Hukushima

1.In the Water
2.Floating Body
3.Departed Soul
4.Clear Sky
5.The Black Current
6.Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White
7.Cosmic Aqua

All trax were composed and played by Toshinori Kondo

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