APL.24 2015 on Sale! “Blow the Earth in Himalaya and Alaska

TKRecordings No.7

Blow the Earth in Himalaya and Alaska

I went to Ladakh,Himalaya with Thomas Stiller and his film crew in September 1997.He is a German film director and wanted to shoot
my movie. “A story of the great grandson of the man who drunk a cow”
In the same time I got a sudden phone call from Tibet House in Newdeli.
“His holiness (Dalai Lama)want to make “the world festival of sacred music” world wide for the world peace.Can you be a producer ?”

After I finished “the world festival of sacred music in Hiroshima”in the beginning of June 2001 I had a chance to play in Alaska.NHK wanted to
make TV program with me.I played on the huge glacier in front of Mt.
McKinley.What a divine view it was !!!

Deep nature is connected with our deep cosciousness.

Toshinori Kondo