Toshinori Kondo Recordings

Music Delivery of Toshinori Kondo’s unreleased music of his 20 years Toshinori Kondo Recordings ( )

Started on Sep.11, 2014

Toshinori Kondo who is a Japanese electric trumpeter started the site called “Toshinori Kondo Recordings” ( ) which is the membership site for selling his music downloaded on Sep.11, 2014.

This time Kondo heard all the unreleased music more than 500 pieces again to release his music journey of the past 20 years since he moved to Amsterdam in 1993. After selection of music he produced the 12 full albums mixed down newly.

The 12 albums constituted the 12 points of different concepts will be released on 15th of each month for one year after “Deeply Dreamed” released on September 11.

Other than unreleased music, he is planning the delivery such as unreleased live movies. You will fully enjoy the world of Toshinori Kondo who is determined to pursue the quality of the sound purely and also the one and only to create the music of the 21st century.

The trace of the soul that wandered on the earth for music of the 21st century revives for a sound now after dissolved IMA!

Toshinori Kondo Recordings
It is the music downloading selling site of the membership system. We deliver 12 pieces of full albums by monthly released a year. The member can download it depending on the count of the downloading ticket.
The downloading ticket
The following downloading ticket is added depending on the plan that you chose.

Platinum ¥12000 / $113.09 / €87.66 – 1 Year
membership of 12 albums
Gold ¥7000 / $65.97 / €51.13 – 1 Year
membership of 6 albums
Silver ¥4000 / $37.70 / €29.22 – 1 Year
membership of 3 albums
Bronze ¥1500 / $14.14 / €10.96 – 1 Year
membership of 1 albums

*The amount of money for $,€ is based on a rate of September 10, 2014. It fluctuates every day.

Member privileges
The member can read member-limited contents. Texts and live movie by Toshinori Kondo are planned.

period
The validity of the membership is one year from a day filed for the enrollment or the continuation.

Enrollment method sign-in period
You can enroll from a registration form by the website.

Payment method
PayPal account, credit card (Mastercard, VISA, American Express, JCB, DISCOVER CARD), bank transfer are available for paying. (the credit card is settled via PayPal.)

For more information, contact