JUN.20 2015 on Sale! “ZONE ZERO”

This is solo live recordings in Kyoto,2005 & 2006.
My spirit was gone into Zone Zero.
I had felt funny to play in front of the human audience ,not in the Nature.

Toshinori Kondo

1.Old Pond 古池や
2.A Flog Jumps into 蛙飛び込む
3.Sound of Water 水の音
4.Cicadas’ Croaking into Rock 岩にしみ入る蝉の声
5.The Milky Way on Rough Seas 荒海に天の川
6.A Town in the Heart 心街
7.Black Shadow 黒影
8.Echo of the Mind 心響
9.Kids can’t understand the War 大人の戦争わかんない

1-6 recorded at Rag in Kyoto, Solo Live in May 19th 2005
7-9 recorded at Juttoku in Kyoto, Solo Live in Nov. 1st 2006
All the songs were composed and performed by Toshinori Kondo
All the tracks were made by Channel K
Mastered and filed by Kazunori Takiguchi


wav file, 48KHz, 16bit, Stereo. Total time 52:57.
File Size: 593.6MB