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【Live Concert Information】
■Live Concert Name: Livestream Concert 『JIKKEN-Kyoshin-』
■Performer: Toshinori Kondo (Tp) × Tatsuya Nakamura (Dr) × Kentaro Nakao (Ba)
■Date and Time: February 4th,2021
■Ticket Price:1500YELL(¥1,500+tax)
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■Livestream Platform: MUSER(

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Electric Trumpeter Toshinori Kondo has passed away last October 2020. As a musician, Toshinori experimented with his limitation of expression with music throughout his career. 「Kondo Ontai Kenkyujyo」(Kondo Sound Body Laboratory) was his Music studio and supported his experiments with music. Now with Toshinori Kondo’s passing away, 『実験JIKKEN』(Experiment) project has been launched. This project aims to maintain Toshinori’s 「Kondo Ontai Kenkyujyo」 and his legacy. As a memorable first event, we will be inviting Tatsuya Nakamura (Drummer) and Kentaro Nakao (Bassist) for a jam session with Toshinori’s solo source.

What is 『実験JIKKEN』?』>
We’ve decided to start the experiment.
At 「Kondo Ontai Kenkyujo」, Toshinori researched music for more than 30 years.
By inviting special guests every time, we want to challenge something no one has done before.
And we’ll be live streaming the process for the world to see.
We want to make a pleasant future between death and alive.

Experiment NO.1 『共振(Resonance)』
For our memorable first experiment inviting Drummer Tatsuya Nakamura (LOSALIOS, MUGAMICHIL) and Bassist Kentaro Nakao(Crypt City, Number Girl)to the lab. Tatsuya and Kentaro leading musicians in Japan for creating oscillation with numerous musicians.
They will be performing a jam session with Toshinori’s trumpet solo sources. It will be the first attempt for Toshinori and the two musicians.
Toshinori and Tatsuya initially scheduled a jam session in Osaka; however, Toshinori passed away a day before the planned date.
Accepting our overdue offer, Tatsuya was willing to invite Kentaro, who never performed with Toshinori. It is a great pleasure to conduct our first experiment with Tatsuya and Kentaro.
This will be no remix nor cover—a one-time-only experiment.

<Live Streaming Partner MUSER (Live Stream Powered by MUSER)
The number of live streams has been increasing these days, but the energy and delight aren’t there. How can we provide the same experience as real live concerts to our fans and musicians? This is also another type of experiment.
MUSER provides a music specialized online live streaming platform with the mission “Power to Music. Power to Artists and Fans”.
Technology is not the critical element for this experiment. A concert cannot be done by just artists themselves. MUSER does not fear to evolve through trial and error to become the partner of music.

About 『Kondo Ontai Kenkyujo (Kondo Sound Body Laboratory) 』
Kondo Ontai Kenkyujo was established in the 1980s by Toshinori as a studio for his band IMA band. Even after starting his solo activity, Toshinori did not stop recording, creating music, and researching the core element of music at this place. He slept in one of the rooms there, facing music day and night. He was even once proud of himself for creating seven songs in a day.
Toshinori was searching for 21st-century music. Focusing on the earth, he searched for a music that resonates with nature, not humans. One answer he had in his mind was tones.
“This tone doesn’t resonate with nature.”
Toshinori’s played the electrical trumpet with a focus was on tones. Not rhythm or music codes.
What’s the best vinyl for the mic? He even tried using the plastic bag from a convenience store.
This place is not just a studio. It is a laboratory for people to think and pursue their perfect sound and music.

■Performers Profile
<Toshinori Kondo>
Born on December 15th, 1948, in Imabari City Ehime Prefecture. Jazz trumpeter/Producer. From 1978, worked with John Zorn and Bill Laswell in New York. After returning to Japan in 1982, established IMA label in Tokyo. Starts his own band Toshinori Kondo & IMA. Moved to Amsterdam in 1993, conducting a project called “Blowing the earth”. Returning to Japan, he conducts many concert events such as a world peace music festival in Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima Prefecture and concert to commemorate the East Japan Earthquake victim. Passed away on October 17th, 2020, at the age of 71.

<Tatsuya Nakamura>
Born in 1965, Toyama Prefecture.
Currently a member of an instrumental band LOSALIOS and a dark ambient rock band MUGAMICHILL.
Official Website:

<Kentaro Nakao>
Born on June 17th, 1974, Fukuoka Prefecture Kita-Kyushu City. Started as a member of Number Girls, a rock band based in Fukuoka Prefecture, in 1995. After the band break-up in 2002, he has worked as a member of Crypt City, Kenichi Asai &THE INTERCHANGE KILLS、ART-SCHOOL, while also working as a producer. Number girls have started again in February 2019 and resuming their live concert events.

Name : Kondo Ontai Kenkyujo Inc.
Address: Towa Building 3rd Floor, Noborito, Tama District, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Business Content: Live Music Concert Production
Representative: Kuta Kondo

Toshinori Kondo’s photo:Moto Uehara
Flyer Design:Takeshi Fujimoto(MEANING Inc.)