“JIKKEN” is a live project by Kondo’s private studio, Kondo Sound Body Laboratory. For this third session, Kondo’s ally Hideo Yamaki (Dr) and SUGIZO (Gt, Vn), who respects Kondo as a “master of improvisation,” will perform together!
This will be the first time for the three to perform together since the release live of “Toshinori Kondo plays Standards You Don’t Know What Love Is” in 2015, and like that time, they will perform two sets.
On the night of April 28, the sounds of the three musicians will once again ring out.

▼Date and Time: April 28, 2021 (Wed) 1st/20:00~、2nd/21:00~ (JST)
▼Ticket Price:Each Ticket 2,500YELL (¥2,750 tax include)
▼Performer: Toshinori Kondo(Etp)、Hideo Yamaki(Dr)、SUGIZO(Gt,Vn)
▼Livestream Platform: MUSER
▼Ticket Page URL:
<1st> https://muser.link/__b/events/430
<2nd> https://muser.link/__b/events/431
※Reward items will be announced later.

ー Artists ー

Hideo Yamaki


ー What is JIKKEN ー

There are many rehearsal studios and live spaces. Each place is full of its own smell, memory, and charm. They are indispensable places for artists to express themselves.
This is what I want Kondo Sound Laboratory to be. I also want to make it a place to pursue new expressions. I want it to be a place of experimentation, where failure is considered good and possibilities are not denied.
It is with this hope that I launched the “JIKKEN” project.
Just as Kondo has done.

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Toshinori Kondo’s photo:Moto Uehara
SUGIZO’s photo:YOSUKE KOMATSU (offered by GiGS)
Flyer Design:Takeshi Fujimoto(MEANING Inc.)