4/13(tue) Toshinori Kondo Livestream Session『JIKKEN -Aitai-』with Takumi Moriya(Ba)

『JIKKEN – Aitai-』is a live streaming without audience, in which Takumi Moriya improvises bass to Kondo’s sound at “Kondo Sound Body Laboratory”, the studio where trumpeter Toshinori Kondo has explored music for over 30 years. It can be viewed around the world.
Moriya previously played bass for “FreeElectro”, a group consisting of Toshinori Kondo, DJ Yama a.k.a Sahib (turntable) and EIJI (gt) (https://qetic.jp/music/toshinorikondo-161209/225520 /).In his solo works, he has performed with great musicians such as Masayasu Tsuboguchi (pf), Kan Sano (pf), Takashi Kashikura (dr), mabanua (dr), and Shun Ishiwaka (dr) in Japan.
He will be performing with Toshinori Kondo from Osaka with his Ampeg Baby Bass.

■Date and Time: Tuesday, April 13, 2021, 21:00~(JST)
■Ticket price: 1,500 YELL (1,650 yen including tax)
■Artist: Toshinori Kondo (Etp), Takumi Moriya (Ba)
■Livestream Platform: MUSER
■Ticket purchase:https://muser.link/__b/events/419
※There will be no archive streaming.

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Takumi Moriya

I first met Mr. Kondo about 7 years ago, when I was just starting my career in Tokyo, and a DJ I met at an event introduced me to him. Since then, he has been very kind to me by letting me participate in his live performances and recordings.
I went to Jamaica for a recording session before the world was swallowed by the COVID-19, but just as I was thinking of coming back to Japan and visiting Mr. Kondo again after I had settled down to create my work, he left. I’m sure he’s busy with “Blowing Heaven” after his “Blowing Earth” tour around the world, but on this day, he’s coming back to our world. I would like to feel the sound of Mr. Kondo’s electric trumpet with my whole body.

Started his career in the late 90’s mainly in the Kansai area. Since 2002, he has produced the reggae singer KARUKAYAMAKOTO (LD&K) and participated in the authentic ska band.He has also participated in DETERMINATIONS. He has also performed with Japanese free jazz pioneers Yosuke Yamashita (pf) and Akira Sakata (sax).
In recent years, he has expanded his activities to Tokyo, participating as a bandleader in the band of world-famous trumpeter Toshinori Kondo and RM jazz legacy produced by Jazz DJ Hiroko Otsuka. They have performed at festivals such as Fuji Rock Festival’15, Blue Note Jazz Festival in Japan’16, and Ark Hills Jazz Festival’15/16/17. He has also been featured on the power play of BBC radio.
As a solo artist, he released the album “Espoir” in 2016 and “FAMILY” in 2017. He has performed with musicians active in various fields such as Masayasu Tsuboguchi(pf), Yusuke Hirato(pf), Kan Sano(pf), Shota Watanabe(pf), Mari Chan(pf), Takashi Kashikura(dr), mabanua(dr), Nobuaki Fujii(dr), Shun Ishiwaka(dr), Kazuya Oi(dr).
In 2017, he launched a roots reggae band, GUAVA DUB, in his hometown of Osaka, and in the fall of 2018, he performed a bass solo at an event produced by Academy Award-winning screenwriter Kundo Koyama at Murin’an in Nanzenji, Kyoto. He is also the band leader of the Senegalese and Japanese band SALIOU Japan Project, and performed at Tokyo Jazz X 2019 organized by fox capture plan and mabanua.
He loves reggae and ska, and in the fall of 2019, he will travel to Jamaica to visit the Tuff Gong Recording Studio, founded by Bob Marley. In the fall of 2019, he will travel to Jamaica to visit the Tuff Gong Recording Studio, founded by Bob Marley, where he recorded with guitarists Ernest Ranglin and Earl”Chinna” Smith, who represent the history of Jamaican music.

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生配信ライブ『実験JIKKEN -相aitai対-』故・近藤等則(Etp)×守家巧(Ba)が4/13(火)に決定!

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『実験JIKKEN -相aitai対-』は、トランペッター近藤等則が30年以上音楽を探究したスタジオ「近藤音体研究所」で、近藤の音に守家巧が即興でベースを鳴らす、無観客配信ライブ。
守家氏は以前に、近藤等則、DJ Yama a.k.a Sahib(turntable)、EIJI(gt)で編成される「FreeElectro」のベースを務める(https://qetic.jp/music/toshinorikondo-161209/225520/)。自身のソロ作では、坪口昌恭(pf)、Kan Sano(pf)、柏倉隆史(dr)、mabanua(dr)、石若駿(dr)など、名だたるミュージシャンと共演を果たしてきた。
大阪からAmpeg Baby Bassを引っ提げ、近藤等則と“相対”する。

■配信チケット料金:1,500YELL (税込1,650円)

守家巧 / Takumi Moriya


近年は活動の場を東京に広げ、世界的トランペッター近藤等則のバンド、Jazz DJ大塚広子がプロデュースするRM jazz legacyにバンドリーダーとして参加。Fuji Rock Festival’15、Blue Note Jazz Festival in Japan’16、Ark Hills Jazz Festival’15/16/17などのフェスに出演。英BBCラジオでもパワープレイされる。
ソロとしては、2016年にアルバム「Espoir」、2017年には「FAMILY」をリリース。坪口昌恭(pf), 平戸祐介(pf), Kan Sano(pf), 渡辺翔太(pf), ちゃんMari(pf),柏倉隆史(dr),mabanua(dr), 藤井伸昭(dr),石若駿(dr), 大井一彌(dr)など各方面で活躍するミュージシャンと共演をした。
2017年、地元大阪でルーツレゲエバンドGUAVA DUBを立ち上げる。2018年秋には、京都南禅寺の無鄰菴にて、米アカデミー賞脚本家の小山薫堂氏プロデュースのイベントでベースソロを披露。その後、セネガルと日本人によるバンド、SALIOUジャパンプロジェクトでバンドリーダーを務める。fox capture plan、mabanuaが主催する東京Jazz X 2019にも出演を果たした。
レゲエ、スカをこよなく愛し、2019年秋には本場ジャマイカに渡りBob Marleyが創設したTuff Gong Recording Studioを訪問。そこでジャマイカ音楽史を代表するギタリストErnest Ranglin, Earl”Chinna”Smithとレコーディングし、現在、次のソロ作品としてのリリースが待たれる。

We’re offering the 2011 soundtrack for free!

Ten years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake.
In order to do something to help, we have made the sound files of Toshinori Kondo available for free download.
This is a performance at the coast of Tohoku in May 2011. This is a previously unreleased sound source.

You can listen to it and use it freely in your songs, performances, videos, etc.
It is license-free for both private and commercial use.
When you publish your work, we would appreciate it if you could write “feat. Toshinori Kondo” or “with Toshinori Kondo.

You can charge a price when you download the tracks.
All proceeds will be donated to Sakura Line 311.

Activities after 3.11

● May 2011

The video of the performance, which was used as a free download, is still available. Kondo performed at a beach in Tohoku as a requiem for the souls of the dead. Please take a look if you like.
※【Requests when watching the video】
The video shows the situation in the affected areas that were hit by the tsunami.
There is a possibility that some people may feel psychological stress when watching the video.
Please watch the video at your own discretion.
Please be careful when watching the video, not only for yourself but also for the people around you.

● March 11, 2017

On March 11, 2017, Kondo performed in Naraha Machi, Fukushima Prefecture, and also made a CD. For more information, please click here.

We hope that his sound will ripple out and help people to heal.
Spring is just around the corner in 2021.

Kondo Sound and Body Lab
Yota Kondo


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聴くのはもちろん、楽曲・パフォーマンス・動画等にご自由にご使用いただけます。私用・商用にかかわらずライセンスフリーです。作品を発表される際には「feat.近藤等則」「with Toshinori Kondo」など、クレジットをつけていただけますと幸いです。